Text a Librarian / Text Alerts

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Need to chat with a librarian? Text us!

  • Text 66746
  • Enter gpld
  • Type your question
  • Save 66746 in your contacts as gpld

This service is available during library business hours. There is no charge for this service, but your carrier's standard message rates apply.

Manage your Library Account by Text Message with Shoutbomb

We'll text you:

  • Holds now available
  • Overdue notifications
  • Items due soon notifications
  • And you can even Renew eligible items

Sign up via mobile phone*:

  • Send a text message to linc@shoutbomb.com
  • Type sign-up in the body of the text
  • Reply to the messages from Shoutbomb with your library card number and PIN
  • *T-mobile does not support this service.

That's it! You'll start seeing messages about your library account. Reply to the messages as prompted, or use the commands below.

HL - Get a list of holds that are ready for pick up
OL - Get a list of overdue items
RL - Get a list of items you can renew
RA - Renew all eligible items
QUIT - To stop receiving messages
ADDCARD - To add additional cards to your text message account
DROPCARD - To remove a card
IOWEU - To see the amount of current fees / fines
RESEND - To get the last message again
SWITCHPHONE - Use if you get a new phone number or provider